Allow me to shed some light over our management buyout process, aimed at improving customer service and ensuring the flexibility you need.

We would like to employ a proactive approach towards the requirements of a more competitive and dynamic energy market, our vision being centered on innovation and aimed towards becoming a lead service provider in the wind industry. Starting with the 15th of May 2015 Orchid Maintenance is an independent company, with focus on providing O&M and installation services to the wind turbine manufacturers. Our shareholder structure has changed as a result of a recent management buyout, which also implied detaching Orchid Maintenance from the Monsson Group umbrella of companies.

Our intention is to cooperate with the Monsson Group on everything that is outside our area of expertise, this way ensuring a seamless transition for our customers. We highly regard the level of professionalism and know-how of Monsson Group and continue to consider them a valued partner within our future business model.

Our Mission Statement includes, “to remain fully focused on quality and safety”. This strategy provides the backbone of a coherent market approach which shall empower us to do more. We concentrate our attention towards growing our customer portfolio and diversifying our services, while continuously improving on the quality of our services.

There is no change in the existing Senior Management Team and personnel, who will continue to be the nucleus that drives our organization. This reorganization will allow us to better leverage and align the strengths and diversity of our entire company strategy. We will remain committed to the wind industry by continuing to provide the widest array of specialized services at the highest quality level.

Should you desire additional information, please feel free to contact myself or anyone within our organization. Our goal is simple; we will ensure our business partners benefit from the multitude of services Orchid Maintenance can provide, while reaffirming our commitment to excellence.

Cristina Procop


Orchid Maintenance