Safety is the highest priority in Orchid. Our employees are highly valued and we have a high retention rate. We aim for yearly 0 accidents.

Trained for excellence

Our technicians are the company’s strong arm. Orchid has a team of motivated, quality–focused, highly trained certified technicians, fully equipped with high-end technology, ready to accomplish any task.

Attractive employer

Orchid is an attractive employer offering unique possibilities for working in the wind industry. A bulk of our highly skilled technicians are engineers.

Career development is based upon site performance, safety record and customer satisfaction.


Our full range of services are available regardless the location of your project. In order to deliver the high level of quality services to our international customers, we rely on instant response to the constantly changing wind industry.

Working with Orchid

Orchid is the most cost-effective choice for any company that wishes to invest in green energy produced by wind turbines. Following an elaborate strategy, developed specifically for each project, our top technicians have become masters at optimizing and maximizing wind turbine production at a lower cost per kWh. We truly believe that a strong partnership requires a flawless communication. Project owners have full acces to maintenance records, productivity/efficiency logs, real-time progress reports, control over spare parts and defects.

Turnover 2020

Mil euro turnover in 2020

Number of


Installed turbines

Worked on MW
1505, 2015

Orchid Maintenance Announces Management Buyout

Allow me to shed some light over our management buyout process, aimed at improving customer service and ensuring the flexibility you need. We would like to employ a proactive approach towards the requirements of [...]

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