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We are:

Orchid Maintenance, a leading provider of high-quality operation and maintenance services for wind turbines. Our industry expertise and many years of experience guarantee that your investment will be handled with care. We offer hands-on, quality-driven services, we value strategy and planning, but first of all, we try to understand the financial and technical needs of each project in order to tailor the most cost-effective and time-saving solution for our clients.

Orchid Maintenance recently enriched its DNA by taking-over Wind Technics and by welcoming „on board” the team that built up Wind Turbine Service CEE. The synergy between strategical thinking, high-end technology and our excellent technicians enables us to help our customers in meeting, even exceeding productivity and business growth targets.

Our services:

Our full range of services is comprised of four main areas of expertise: Operation & Maintenance, Management of Wind Turbine/Farms, Wind turbine Installation/Dismantlement and Remote Monitoring System for wind turbines (SCADA). For a full list of services click here.

But we’re really brilliant at:
Preventive Maintenance. By working with failure statistics we inspect, detect and correct incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.
Optimizing and maximizing wind turbine production at a lower cost per kWh. This ultimately leads to a greater ROI for owners over the full project life-cycle.
Meeting deadlines. Keeping a wind turbine’s downtime to a minimum is one of our crucial goals.

Our Method:

Our success relies on three different types of knowledge. First of all we perform an in-depth analysis of the data collected from each turbine independently during onsite inspections and remote monitoring. Afterwards this data is converted into failure statistics through a pattern identification algorithm. This step is crucial for developing a coherent and efficient preventive maintenance strategy. Next in line is the knowledge possesed by our highly skilled technicians, a combination between top training programs and extensive hands-on experience resulting in reduced downtime that allows our project owners to realize a cost benefit. Last, but not least, we pride ourselves with the knowledge acquired from previous successful projects.


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